Bell Ringing Head To Head

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Get your donations ready and bring them December 8th and 9th at the Walmart Super Center on Clinic Drive in Hopkinsville. The Kiwanis Club will be manning the Retail side door Friday night and the Grocery side door Saturday night. We are the defending champions in this battle of the bells and we want to come out on top again this year!! 

Governor Dale Stops By

It was great to have KT District Governor Dale Hawkins at our Division 14 meeting Thursday night (he’s in the division all the time, but tonight was special)! As a member of the Glasgow club, Dale is a familiar face to many Local Kiwanians and his message is simple - #KidsNeedKiwanis #KiwanisNeedsYou so remember to invite any and every one. It just takes ☝️ person to make a difference, but 💯 hands are better than 50.

Honoring Our Members

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The Kiwanis Club of Hopkinsville took a time to honor our amazing members and the service they provide the community. We also donated $1,800 to The Salvation Army Hopkinsville, KY. Captain Jose Marquez was given the Kiwanian of the Year Award.

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A $1,000 contribution was made by the club in the name of Angie M. Steil Strader to the George F. Hixon Foundation, honoring her continued commitment to the community.


We swore in our newest member Clayton Adams, who works for Thomas, Arvin, and Adams. He earned his law degree at Ole Miss.


The 2017-2018 Kiwanis Club of Hopkinsville Officers were also installed. President: Annie Catron, President-Elect: Joey Pendleton, Vice President: Lynn Pryor, Secretary: Angie Gibbs, and Treasurer: Phil Camp.

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The 2017-2019 Board Members officially joined the leadership team. Members are Toby Hudson, Amy Craig, Ben Goode, and Jim Gardner.

Giving Back

The Club had a fun lunch hearing about the United Way of the Pennyrile and the work being done to support the 21 partner agencies. Members had a chance to see what the challenges facing families can be and how one's financial situation can change at a moment's notice.


Donations were also made to the Happy  Feet program and Junior Achievement. The Kiwanis Club has supported both programs from years and the good work done by each.

Kiwanis Glo Run

We are hosting the Light Your Night Fun Run (as part of the Fort Campbell Eagle Fitness Challenge). The Run will be held July 8 at 8:30 pm at Western Hills Golf Course in Hopkinsville, Ky. The run will follow the cart path along the front and/or back nine holes of the golf course. A festival-style atmosphere will be great for families and kids, young and old. We are working with Parks and Recreation for registration for the event. Click here to register. Also, we need Kiwanians to volunteer to work the event. Contact Elissa Tucker to let her know if you can help.